Hajj Draw Status 2019 Cover Enquiry

India is a pluralistic society which is home to more than 147,000,000 Muslims. Indian Muslims constitute the world’s second largest Muslim community. The answer is present on all adult Muslims of sound mind with the necessary physical ability and financial ability. Indian governments have been able to achieve success as a serious responsibility for Indian citizens for their successful performance of the answer. It is seen as a concrete expression of adherence to the principles of secularism contained in the Indian Constitution. These principles awaken an adaptation to provide all facilities to enable Indian citizens to create a deeper honor for all religions by Indian citizens and to fulfill their religious practices in peace and comfort. It is in the context of this configuration that the tweet section of the Embassy General of India serves as a nodal agency in the state of Saudi Arabia and facilitates pilgrimage to more than 157,000 Indian nationals annually.
The India Committee of India has allotted quota of quotas to the state tweet committee. The reply committee has increased the quota of 30,237 seats while raising the quota of the state this year, whereas in 2018, the tweet committee had allocated a total of 29,851 seats for the State Tweet Committee.

A total of 34,397 applicants have applied from all over the state for the trial of this year’s Haj pilgrimage. According to the circular issued by the Haj Committee, the State Haj Committee has been allocated 27,682 ordinary quota, whereas after the distribution of vacant seats, a total of 30,237 seats have been allocated. After issuing quotes from the Haj Committee, the State Haj Committee has intensified the preparations for the lottery. The date of January 11 has been fixed by the Haj Committee of India, but after getting the consent from the state minority welfare, Waqf and tweet minister Laxminarayan Chaudhary on behalf of the State Haj Committee, the committee organized lottery for the selection of passengers. Of Will do

Direct selection of 25-50 farmers

For travel travel, 2456 applicants over 70 years of the reserved category have applied for this year. Apart from this, 99 women applying for a non-Mehrun’s tweet visit has applied this year, whereas in the last year, 32 women from 8 groups of eight groups had applied without Mehrham Kote. The selection of 99 women who applied for 2456 and more than 70 years of age without Hahaj travel will be done without lottery.

Will be for 2-6882 seats

After direct selection of reserved category applicants, lottery will be organized on 27,682 seats remaining for 31,842 applicants of the state. After the quota was released, the State Haj Committee has intensified preparations for the lottery. In the next week, the lottery will be organized by the committee on the date of the lottery and the lottery will be organized by determining the date of the lottery.