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In recent years a real green juice fever has invaded the internet, magazines and even books themes. In fact, the Green juice to lose weight can be a great ally in the diet of any person, because the combination of natural ingredients that can be varied according to individual tastes and has no contraindications.

Also, it does not need to be eaten only by those who need to lose weight, but for everyone who wants to have a good source of health. In this post, I will explain the benefits of green juice to lose weight, how you can choose the functional ingredients, the methodology of thinning from Dr. Patrick rock and, of course, some recipes that can not miss in your healthy routine. Check out everything below!

Green Juice For Weight Loss

Advantages of green juice for weight loss

Is a mistake to think that the Green juice serves only for weight control diets, because she’s actually a source of energy and health for people at any age. He is Rico in vitamins and minerals, and its antioxidant properties make the body stay well protected against the feared radicals-free.

You know that swelling caused by constipation and constipation? The Green juice is great for reverse this picture, because it contains fibers that act directly on the intestinal transit, helping keep settled.