Magnesium rich foods

Today you will find out which are the foods rich in magnesium, why should we consume these nutrient sources and what may happen to our bodies when we eat not the correct amount of the mineral.

Human beings need magnesium for several reasons, of which many of us don’t we. One of them is that this is a very important nutrient for energy production in the body.

Without him the muscles of the body would be contracting without ceasing, and blood cholesterol couldn’t be controlled easily, which would bring various heart problems and blood pressure.

The nutrient also keeps our bones healthy, enzymatic activities, regulated the metabolism of carbohydrates in balance, duly controlled glucose levels, blood pressure is regulated, muscles relaxed, as well as the nerves.

Magnesium rich foods

Also operates in the production and breakdown of proteins, in addition to helping the immune system to keep fit and healthy. That is, it is an ideal nutrient for both those who want to gain muscle or lose fat. READ ALSO: how to lose 8 Kg in 1 Month Without Starving

Although rare, magnesium deficiency (lack of consumption of foods that offer this mineral) can cause serious complications to the body.

Not to suffer from such problems, and ensure that the functions of magnesium in the body comply, is ideal to watch in foods that are part of your meals. So, invest in food that provide the mineral is essential for our body, after all, following a diet well prepared is the best prevention for the appearance of potential issues in our body.