Restore Windows XP

If when you try to sign in to Messenger receives an error message with the code 80048103 to perform the following steps to resolve the problem:

1. The 80048103 error is usually associated with the problem of the Windows registry, to solve the problem you must perform a full registry scan and fix any errors found. For the help offers two free programs:

Registry Life

2. If even after correcting the record continues to receive the 80048103 error, try deleting the cache file of Messenger contacts.

To do this, close the Messenger completely by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and finish the msnmsgr.exe and wlcomm.exe processes.

Then, go to Start Menu-Control Panel-folder options-tab “View”-select the checkbox “Show Hidden files, Folders, and drives.”

80048103 MSN Messenger error

Finally, locate the following directory depending on the version of your Windows and delete the folder Contacts of Windows Live Messenger:

Windows XP

C:\ Documents and Settings\ Username Local Settings Application Data \ \ \ Microsoft

Windows Vista/Windows 7

C:\ Users Username AppData Local \ \ \ \ Microsoft

3. check to see if any firewall is blocking access of the Messenger. Some readers managed to solve the problem by removing the firewall “Nvidia Network Access Manager”, however, if you do not have this Firewall must focus their attention on security programs installed recently (e.g. antivirus). Some security programs block access to various network programs (including the Messenger).

4. Another solution is to use the E_Fix to fix the MSN Messenger. The program is free and you can solve various problems effectively. Download the program here-software to correct errors of the Messenger.

5. Try to restore your Windows to a date when everything worked correctly, see how to restore your Windows:
Restore Windows XP
Restore Windows Vista/7