iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints

06_archimedes_35438535_620x433The iPhone 5 may be a technical achievement by Apple, but as always happens when you produce tens of millions of copies, something is bound to go wrong. Reports from early adopters of the latest generation iPhone have been overwhelmingly positive, however there are some users who have experienced problems. None of these have stemmed the record-breaking sales that started on launch day.

Some Apple fans might be waiting to pull the trigger on an upgrade until early iPhone 5 issues are worked out. Often an iOS update will solve some problems, while others are manufacturing glitches that can be returned under the Apple Care warranty. So what has been making headlines in the “needs improvement” department? Here are the top 5 problems, issues and complaints revolving around the iPhone 5 launch.

1. Scuffgate

As the first round of pre-orders were fulfilled, some iPhone 5 owners opened the packaging to find a damaged aluminum chassis. Scuffs and scratches in the metal or around the polished bezel were discovered on brand new devices as the layers of protective film were removed. Clearly a manufacturing issue was at fault, and some reports have indicated that Apple has tightened up quality control standards to reduce factory damage. The aluminum will of course naturally scratch and dent with wear and tear, however it would be a surprise to receive a new iPhone 5 already nicked.

2. Apple Maps

With all of the hoopla surrounding Apple’s home-brewed Maps application, fans of Google Maps were disappointed when the software was finally released. Mapgate revealed screenshots of missing roads, places with the wrong name, and low resolution satellite imagery. Apple has made it clear that Maps is a work in progress, and the more people that use the software the better it will become. Transit directions and street view may be missing, but Flyover mode in 3D and turn-by-turn navigation don’t come with Google Maps. iPhone 5 owners who miss the old version can save the Google Maps web app to their home screen to restore full access to Google’s product.

3. Wi-Fi Data

A carrier update has already been issued to Verizon iPhone 5 owners, addressing a bug where cellular data plans were charged for usage over Wi-Fi. This could be a serious issue for heavy data users who depend on Wi-Fi to prevent overages and additional charges. Verizon has pledged not to charge anyone for miscalculated data usage due to the iPhone 5 problem. Some reports have indicated the issue may not be limited to Verizon. AT&T and Sprint have not issued carrier updates yet, so it’s not clear whether or not these subscribers are affected. Watch your data usage carefully when you first get the iPhone 5 to make sure this bug doesn’t show up.

4. Light Leak

After the white iPhone 4 saga from a couple of years ago, Apple seems to have the two colors they produce down pat. Still, there have been some reports of white iPhone 5 units with a light leak around the edge of the unit. The problem happens when using the iPhone in the dark. The illuminated display lighting can be seen peeking out through a gap between the front glass and the aluminum sides of the device. iPhone 5 users complaining of the problem have posted on forums, stating that Apple replaced their devices under warranty.

5. Keyboard Flicker

Last but not least, in what sounds like it could be an iOS 6 software problem, some iPhone 5 users are seeing a strange flicker when the keyboard appears on screen. Whether they are entering a password for the App Store or using another application that brings the keyboard scrolling up, dark static lines across the display flicker and disappear. Some have reported the bug only appears when typing certain characters. In any case, although the problem may be disconcerting it doesn’t sound like the issue is affecting normal keyboard operation. Apple is sure to address the problem in an upcoming iOS update.