Scream Alarm , Fight Back,Airtel SAFE sms : Women can fight back with phones

Airtel Emergency Service:

Bharti Airtel recently launched an ’emergency alert service’ enabling its subscribers to send alert message with location details to 10 mobile numbers, even in the places where there is no network.

Subscribers can even send a ‘SAFE’ SMS indication to a pre-defined group of 10 family members and friends and keep them informed of their well-being when they venture out alone and during any natural calamity or disaster with just one click.

The ‘Emergency Alert Service’ comes with a Rs. 30 charge for 30 days but the alert message can be sent even if one doesn’t have minimum balance in their account.


fightback mobile application

fightback mobile application

Delhi women, at least the smartphone users among them, can feel a bit more secure while travelling alone in the city now. The support system comes in the form of a mobile application Fight Back that is set to launch on December 21. The app – or in other words application – can be used to alert friends and family when the mobile-user is in distress.

An exclusive app to help women in distress ‘FightBack’ has been launched.

This women’s safety application ‘FightBack’ can send SOS alerts from your phone. The app  uses GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS ,email and your Facebook account to inform your loved ones in case you are in danger.

To download this mobile application all you have to do is register yourself or login through Facebaok with Post click. After the successful Login in the portal, Click to Download, enter the mobile number and handset to deploy the application and click on the download button. You will receive a link to download the app via a link and when you click on the link your SMS your application will start downloading.

The app is available for free in the Delhi-NCR region. People living in other regions can avail the service at a subscription fee of Rs 100 per annum.

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Scream Alarm

This free safety alarm can be extremely useful for women cornered or in distress. The only function of the app is to scream loudly in a Scream-Alarm-2 woman’s voice which would be enough to make any perpetrator to flee. If a woman ever feels insecure walking alone, this app will act as the perfect alarm, not only for scaring away the bad guys but also to bring help in the vicinity.

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